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Board of Directors at Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre

 Dr. Kamau has wealth of experience in veterinary extension services acquired through working with farmers at various capacities in Kenya.

Dr. Geoffrey Kamau Kibui


Dr. Geoffrey Kamau is the chairman of the Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre having been appointed to the office in April 2015. He oversees the development and promotion of optimum productivity of the national animal population through provision of high quality disease free animal germplasm and related bredding services.

Dr. Kamau has a wealth of experience in veterinary extension services acquired through working with farmers at various capacities in Kenya.

In addition he has wide experience in leadership, partnerships and mobilization of teams and is also an entreprenuer in hospitality services. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi.


Dr. David K. Kios

Managing Director

Dr. David Kios is the Managing Director Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Centre. He is a holder of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from University of Nairobi and Master of Science in Animal Breeding from the University of Pretoria, Republic of South Africa.

Currently, he is in the final stage of PhD Thesis in Therionology (Animal Production) at the University of Nairobi and research on improving efficiency of embryo transfer technology for improvement of Animal breeding in Kenya. He is charge of day to day running of the Centre's activities and Secretary to the Board.                                            


Dr. Gabriel Kaaria


Dr. Gabriel is a member of the Board and chairman of the Technical Committee of the board.

He is a graduate in animal husbandry and he is also trained in several other short courses related field of animal husbandry amongst them diary cattle classification (U.S.A.) and artificial insemination both in the U.S.A. and in Kenya. He has also served as a government livestock officer for (5 yrs), a sales representative for multinational companies (7 yrs) and as a bovine genetic marketer (15 yrs), development projects consultant with USAID, SNV Netherlands and U.K. aid for (9 years) working with several farmer group and individual farms across Kenya and beyond.

Dr. Gabriel is passionate about livestock farming but has a special inclination for dairy cows development in community work.He is a current chairman of Mangu progressive dairy in Gatundu North.


Dr. Bernadette Misoi



Dr. Ngeiywa Juma

Representing PS - State Department of Livestock

Dr. Walter Ongeti



Dr. Joseph G. Mureithi

Representing Director General - KALRO


Mr. Saleh Kapsandui Chemasuet

Representing PS National Treasury



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