Vision & Mission



To be the leading producer of the best Animal Genetic Resources (AnGR) in the World.


To develop and promote optimum productivity of national livestock population through provision of high quality disease free animal germplasm and related breeding services for socio-economic development.

Core Values

To achieve the above vision and mission, we shall be guided by the following core values;

 Professionalism. The stations have a small but highly skilled technical human resource base. To realize its vision, these skills will be realigned and harmonized.

 Efficiency and Reliability. The Station will provide clients with efficient services.

Accountability. The Station will endeavour to be accountable to the Government and its clients (livestock farmers) in the provision of its services.

 Team Spirit. To ensure success in its operations, the Station will seek to build a strong and dedicated team which is well motivated to provide the best of services.

Meritocracy. The station recognizes the role that a well qualified team can achieve. Towards this end, the station will seek to ensure that all its work is based on merit.

Confidence. The station will continue to build on the current confidence the stakeholders have on it to ensure that all can trust the station to deliver professionally.

Commitment. For effective service delivery, the Station will embrace the culture of strong commitment to customer service. The stakeholders of the sub-sector will be at the centre of operations of the Station.

Innovativeness and Excellence: Emanating from collaborations with other Research institutions in achieving high quality products and service provision

Strategic Objectives

To enhance livestock productivity.
To conserve GermPlasm of all economically viable species.
To promote innovations in livestock breeding